“Addiction doesn’t just affect the addict, it impacts the whole family.” – Unknown

“Addiction is a family disease; one person may use, but the whole family suffers.” – Unknown

“Addiction is like a chain, it binds families together with pain.” – Unknown

“Addiction is a darkness that can only be broken with the light of love and support from family.” – Unknown

“Addiction is a battle that no family should face alone.” – Unknown

“Addiction is a monster that destroys families, but recovery is a journey that can heal them.” – Unknown

“Addiction does not discriminate; it affects families from all walks of life.” – Unknown

“Family members of addicts are often the unsung heroes, silently fighting their own battles.” – Unknown

“Addiction is a thief that steals away the joy and unity in a family.” – Unknown “Addiction may break a family, but recovery has the power to mend it.” – Unknown

“Addiction is a disease that can tear a family apart, but recovery is the glue that holds them together.” – Unknown

“The love and support of family can be the driving force behind someone’s recovery from addiction.” – Unknown

“Addiction creates chaos within families, but with healing comes a new sense of harmony.” – Unknown QUOTES CHERRY

“Addiction is an enemy that can only be defeated with the united strength of a family.” – Unknown

“Family is the lifeline that individuals struggling with addiction can hold onto.” – Unknown

“Addiction can make family members feel helpless and hopeless, but there is always hope for recovery.” – Unknown

“Addiction may test the bonds of a family, but love and understanding can mend them.” – Unknown

“Through the darkness of addiction, a family can find strength and resilience they never knew they had.” – Unknown

“Family support is the foundation upon which an addict can build their path to recovery.” – Unknown

“Addiction may have taken hold of a loved one, but it doesn’t define their worth in the eyes of their family.” – Unknown

“Addiction brings storms into families, but through recovery, they can find calm seas once more.” – Unknown

“Family is the heart that beats alongside an addict, offering love and hope even in the darkest times.” – Unknown

“Addiction is a battle that families fight together, and together they can find healing.” – Unknown

“Family is the fortress that can give an addict the strength to overcome their addiction.” – Unknown

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