“Pride is not a bad thing if it is grounded in humility.”

“Arrogance blinds us to our own faults.”

“Ego is the dead-end road to true growth.”

“The louder someone boasts, the smaller they feel inside.”

“True power comes from knowing your limitations.”

“Don’t let your pride stop you from asking for help.”

“Humility is the path to enlightenment.”

“Empty vessels make the most noise.”

“Arrogance is a sign of weakness, not strength.” “The higher you elevate your ego, the further you stray from the truth.”

“Pride sets a limit to our possibilities.”

“Ego is the enemy of progress.”

“Modesty is the most attractive form of confidence.” MOTIVATIONAL CORRECTIONAL OFFICER QUOTES

“Arrogance is the armor of the insecure.”

“Let go of your pride to make room for personal growth.”

“Ego is the greatest obstacle in the path to self-discovery.”

“Pride makes us blind to our own faults.”

“True wisdom begins with admitting our ignorance.”

“Arrogance is the mask of insecurity.”

“The more you humble yourself, the wiser you become.”

“Ego destroys what humility has built.”

“Pride isolates, humility connects.”

“Arrogance prevents us from learning from others.”

“True strength lies in the ability to see beyond oneself.”

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