“Allah’s mercy and forgiveness are limitless.”

“Allah’s mercy is extended to all His creation.”

“Through Allah’s mercy, we find peace and tranquility.”

“Allah’s mercy embraces even those who have wandered astray.”

“Seeking Allah’s mercy is the key to attaining success.”

“Allah’s mercy is a never-ending source of hope and comfort.”

“Allah’s mercy is bestowed upon us in every breath we take.”

“Allah’s mercy heals the wounds of the soul.”

“Allah’s mercy is a guiding light in times of darkness.” “Allah’s mercy nurtures and protects us in this world and the hereafter.”

“Allah’s mercy is boundless, encompassing all His creation.”

“Allah’s mercy showers blessings upon those who seek His forgiveness.”

“Allah’s mercy is the key to unlocking the gates of paradise.” I NEED SOME SPACE QUOTES

“Allah’s mercy is a soothing balm for the brokenhearted.”

“Allah’s mercy is a wellspring of endless compassion and love.”

“Allah’s mercy lifts the burdens of the weary and downtrodden.”

“Allah’s mercy wipes away the sins of those who sincerely repent.”

“Allah’s mercy is a guiding force that leads to righteousness.”

“Allah’s mercy encourages us to be forgiving and compassionate towards others.”

“Allah’s mercy grants us the strength to overcome life’s challenges.”

“Allah’s mercy is a refuge for the lost and confused souls.”

“Allah’s mercy shines like a beacon, guiding us towards the right path.”

“Allah’s mercy envelops us in His loving embrace, dispelling our fears.”

“Allah’s mercy is a gift beyond measure, granted to those who turn to Him with humility.”

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