“I don’t know the art of detecting a lie, but I can sense it with my heart.”

“Love, where it blooms, leaves traces on the hearts, on the faces.”

“I have learned from life that sometimes the most ordinary things can bring us the greatest joy.”

“The language of love doesn’t need words, it can be felt.”

“Writing is my way of pouring all the emotions and experiences of life onto paper.”

“In love, there is no fear or hesitation, only the infinite trust of two souls.”

“I don’t aim to be a great writer, I just want my words to touch people’s hearts.”

“Every pain and every joy has its own melody, its own rhythm in the song of life.”

“True love is not bound by societal norms and restrictions.” “A woman’s strength lies not in physical power, but in her resilience and determination.”

“In the depths of silence, the whispers of our heart become the loudest.”

“The beauty of poetry is that it can capture the essence of a moment, and make it eternal.”

“Love doesn’t need validation or acknowledgment from the world, it only needs the two hearts that feel it.” KANHA JI QUOTES

“Sometimes the deepest wounds are the ones that leave no scars.”

“Life is too short to hold grudges, forgive and let go.”

“A poet’s work is to unearth the emotions that lie buried within us and give them a voice.”

“Love is not possessiveness, it is freedom and acceptance.”

“The greatest act of bravery is to love, despite the fear of getting hurt.”

“Words are like arrows, once they are released, they can never be taken back.”

“A woman’s worth is not defined by her relationships or her role in society, but by her own strength and self-belief.”

“Love grows when it is nourished by trust and understanding.”

“The power of a woman lies in her ability to nurture and create life.”

“Every heartache teaches us a lesson, and every smile fills us with hope.”

“Love is not about possessing someone, it is about setting them free to be their true selves.”

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