“In every beat of your heart, I am there.”

“I may have left this world, but I will never leave your side.”

“I am your guardian angel, watching over you from above.”

“From up here, the view is breathtaking, but none compares to the beauty of seeing you grow.”

“I may not be physically present, but my love never stops pouring down on you.”

“You may not see me, but I am always near, guiding you through your darkest fears.”

“Even from Heaven, I feel your pain and tears, but I am here to comfort you through all your fears.”

“I am not lost, I am just on the other side. Always remember, love never dies.”

“From where I am, I see you clearly, and you look even more beautiful than ever before.”

“My journey on this earth may have come to an end, but my love for you will never bend.”

“As I gaze down from heaven, I see your light shining bright. Keep shining, my child, and never stop.”

“The greatest gift I could ever give you is the gift of a life without me. You are strong, and you can make it through.”

“Even though I cannot hold you in my arms, I hold you close to my heart.” COUNTING DAYS QUOTES

“When you look up at the stars, know that I am shining down on you from afar.”

“Your wings may have been clipped, but they will grow again. Just remember to believe in yourself.”

“On the hardest days, when you feel like giving up, remember that I am rooting for you from up above.”

“Your pain may never completely heal, but remember that it is your strength that will help you make it through.”

“Your life may be different now that I am gone, but always remember that my love will continue to live on.”

“The distance between us may be far, but our bond will never break, and our love will always remain.”

“From up here, I see you learning and growing. Keep moving forward, my child. The best is yet to come.”

“When the flowers bloom and the birds sing, feel my presence, for they carry my message of love to you.”

“With every step you take, I am with you, watching over you like a guiding light.”

“From up here, I see the beauty of the world, and it reminds me of the beauty that exists in you.”

“I may no longer be with you, but my soul and spirit will always be there to guide you and see you through.”

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