“Oh, what’s occurring?” – Nessa

“I got a little bit ‘ah’ when I saw you, but I got a ‘hey’ when I saw her, so no harm done.” – Smithy

“I can actually taste the bacon” – Stacey

“Here she is then, Nessa Jenkins… what’s occurring?” – Gavin

“I love you like a sister but not a sister, obviously.” – Nessa

“It’s all about the moon.” – Mick

“I love it when you talk in Welsh.” – Gavin

“It’s like arguing with a dice!” – Pam

“I’m not being funny, like, but all cannons are plastic.” – Smithy “Say what you see.” – Nessa

“I’m tellin’ you, they don’t have vegans in Wales. It’s a simple carbohydrate based diet!” – Bryn

“I’ve got some canned goods, some water, and the complete series of Gavin and Stacey.” – Smithy

“I’m not bein’ rude, Nessa, but your baby’s goin’ to have the cleanest teeth in the valleys.” – Pam QUOTES FROM STARDUST

“In this chain, that’s just serving.” – Smithy

“The welsh the welsh the welsh are coming!” – Keith

“Just because I got busted by Italian customs, doesn’t mean I’m carrying a kilo of heroin here.” – Nessa

“Don’t get me wrong… I’m really chuffed for you… but what’s occurring with me?” – Smithy

“And it ain’t you, love, cos you’re the Titanic.” – Pete

“Listen, when you holdin’ down a 9 to 5 you can’t be keepin’ it real with the streets.” – Smithy

“Pam, he loves me more than he loves you.” – Bryn

“You have turned into a Barry *****.” – Mick

“Dave is a top fella. I like him… but I wouldn’t show him my rich tea.” – Nessa

“We can be like the Bill and Hillary of Essex.” – Smithy

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