“May your dreams be filled with peace and happiness. Goodnight and sweet dreams.”

“As you lay down to sleep, may the angels guard your bed and fill your dreams with love and light. Goodnight!”

“Sending you a bundle of sweet dreams wrapped in a blanket of stars. Goodnight.”

“May your dreams be as soft and gentle as a moonbeam. Goodnight.”

“Wishing you a restful night filled with beautiful dreams and a refreshing morning. Goodnight.”

“Dream big, dream beautiful, and let your dreams take you where your heart desires. Goodnight.”

“Sleep peacefully tonight, knowing that tomorrow is a new day full of endless possibilities. Goodnight.”

“May the night embrace you with its soothing darkness and grant you sweet slumber. Goodnight.”

“Close your eyes and surrender to the sweet embrace of sleep. Goodnight and sleep tight.” “The night is here to tuck you in and prepare you for tomorrow’s opportunities. Goodnight.”

“Let go of all worries and find tranquility in the stillness of the night. Goodnight.”

“The stars are shining just for you tonight, painting the sky with their love. Goodnight and dream big.”

“May your dreams be filled with all the things that bring you joy and make your heart sing. Goodnight.” QUOTES ON STANDING UP FOR YOURSELF

“As the day comes to a close, rest your mind and rejuvenate your soul. Goodnight.”

“Let the night wash away all your troubles and bring you peace. Goodnight and sleep well.”

“May the moonlight guide your dreams to where happiness and success await. Goodnight.”

“Tonight, let go of all the stress and worries, and allow yourself to drift into a world of tranquility. Goodnight and sweet dreams.”

“The stars are sparkling just for you, whispering wishes of peace and joy. Goodnight.”

“I hope your night brings you dreams that are as beautiful and inspiring as you are. Goodnight and sleep tight.”

“As you close your eyes tonight, may you find comfort in the knowledge that you are loved and cherished. Goodnight.”

“Surrender to the night’s embrace and let it wrap you in its warmth. Goodnight.”

“Wishing you a night filled with dreams that make your heart dance and your soul sing. Goodnight.”

“May you find solace in the quiet of the night and wake up refreshed and ready to conquer the world. Goodnight and sweet dreams.”

“Leave all your worries behind and let the night bring you peace. Goodnight and sleep well.”

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