“We’re all just bones and sadness.”

“Sometimes you have to break the bones to heal the wounds.”

“The bones of the past can weigh heavy on the present.”

“Our bones may break, but our spirits can always rebuild.”

“To see through someone’s skin and into their bones is to understand them completely.”

“A broken bone can heal, but the scars may last a lifetime.”

“Our bones may grow old, but our souls remain ageless.”

“In the end, all that’s left is a pile of bones and memories.”

“The strength of our bones is nothing compared to the strength of our wills.” “We are all just skeletons walking around in skin suits.”

“Bones never forget the pain they’ve endured.”

“Life is a fragile thing- one wrong step and everything can come crashing down like brittle bones.”

“The bones of the earth hold the secrets of the past.” SAROJINI NAIDU QUOTES

“The human skeleton is the architecture of the body.”

“Our bones may rattle with fear, but we must step forward and face our demons.”

“The bones of those we’ve lost remain with us always.”

“The silence of bones can speak volumes.”

“Bones are the foundation upon which we stand.”

“Our bones are the only thing left behind when we depart from this world.”

“A person’s true identity lies in the marrow of their bones.”

“Bones are a reminder that we are all mortal.”

“Our bones may ache, but our hearts still beat with vigor.”

“The bones of the earth tell a story older than time itself.”

“Our bones may be fragile, but our spirits are unbreakable.”

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