“I write to find out what I think.”

“Poetry is not a luxury, it is a necessity.”

“I think poetry is quite dangerous because it confronts things no other art form can.”

“The act of writing poetry is an act of defiance against the impermanence of life.”

“A poet is both an observer and a participant in the world.”

“Writing poetry is a way of navigating the chaos of life.”

“Poetry is the language of the soul.”

“A good poem should leave the reader changed in some way.”

“Poetry has the power to heal and transform.” “Writing poetry is a form of self-discovery.”

“The best poems are often the ones that make us uncomfortable.”

“Poetry is the distillation of experience into words.”

“A poet must have the courage to speak the truth, no matter how uncomfortable it may be.” QUOTES BY JOHN CENA

“Words have the power to evoke deep emotions and spark change.”

“Poetry is a way of capturing the moments that would otherwise be forgotten.”

“Writing poetry is a way of making sense of the world.”

“A poem can be a mirror, reflecting back our own experiences and emotions.”

“Poetry allows us to explore the depths of our humanity.”

“The words we choose matter, they have the power to shape our reality.”

“Poetry is a way of speaking to the ineffable, the things that can’t be put into words.”

“Every poem is a journey into the unknown.”

“Poetry is a celebration of language and its infinite possibilities.”

“A poet is always searching for the perfect word, the perfect rhythm.”

“Poetry is an act of rebellion against the mundane and the ordinary.”

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