“Canada hovey vich pehli q koi sansaar!”

(Canada is like a breath of fresh air!)

“Dil Canada wala, craziness Canada wali!”

(Heart of a Canadian, madness of Canada!)

“Canada hovey viyah te hawa di fook, thalle gaddiyan ch dubaunde saan!”

(Getting married in Canada is like a gust of wind, it makes cars sink!)

“Canada de rang gulabi, hor kis nu pata vi nahi.”

(Canada’s colors are pink, no one else is even aware!)

“Canada di technology de naal, punjabiyan di balle-balle!”

(Thanks to Canada’s technology, Punjabis dance their hearts out!)

“Canada hovey viyah ton pehlan di akhbaran da headline!”

(Canada becomes the headline before the wedding!)

“Canada deyaan balle-balle, punjabiyaan di bhari halle-halle!”

(Cheers to Canada, and dancing all night for Punjabis!)

“Canada deyan bhangre vich, punjabiyan da rang hai!”

(In Canada’s bhangra, there is the color of Punjabis!)

“Canada hovey peeni de bazaar, te Punjabi de dilaan da pyaar!”

(Canada is the market for drinks and for Punjabis’ love!) “Canada hovey chocolaty, jiven punjabiyan di gudia!”

(Canada is as chocolatey as Punjabi dolls!)

“Canada de saun ni khushboo, punjabiyan de dil vich vaas hai!”

(The fragrance of Canada is in the hearts of Punjabis!)

“Canada hovey viyah di dhoom, punjabiyaan di wedding di boom!”

(Canada brings the excitement of weddings, and the boom of Punjabi celebrations!)

“Canada de love di boli, punjabiyaan di kahani!” 365 QUOTES BY SWAMI VIVEKANANDA PDF

(The language of love in Canada, and the stories of Punjabis!)

“Canada da craze vi bada, jiven bhangre di beat!”

(Canada’s craze is big, just like the beat of bhangra music!)

“Canada hovey viyah di jummevari, te punjabiyaan da pyaar!”

(Canada is the matchmaker for weddings, and the love of Punjabis!)

“Canada, punjabiyaan di chhavi, hor jagg vich vi nahi.”

(Canada, a reflection of Punjabis, doesn’t exist anywhere else!)

“Canada hovey fashion wala, punjabiyaan di masti maan wali!”

(Canada is all about fashion, and the fun of Punjabis!)

“Canada vi hovey sunakha, jado punjabiyaan da yaar hai!”

(Canada shines bright when it has Punjabis as friends!)

“Canada hovey viyah di demand, te Punjabiyaan di supply!”

(Canada demands weddings, and Punjabis supply the celebrations!)

“Canada hovey punjabiyaan da playground, sab kuchh hovey mast!”

(Canada is Punjabis’ playground, where everything is fun!)

“Canada de yaar wakhre, punjabiyaan di yaari sache!”

(Canada has unique friends, and Punjabis have true friendships!)

“Canada hovey viyah di tarakki, jado punjabiyaan di mithaas hai!”

(Canada prospers through weddings, when there is Punjabi sweetness!)

“Canada hovey muskurata Punjab, te punjabiyaan da kurta pajama!”

(Canada smiles like Punjab, and carries the Punjabi traditional attire!)

“Canada de saun Canada wala, te punjabiyaan da dil vadda!”

(Canada’s fragrance is distinct, and Punjabis have big hearts!)

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