“The British Empire is teetering on the brink of disaster, and it’s up to us to carry on up the Khyber!” – Sir Sidney Ruff-Diamond

“Gad, I shall miss the Khyber Pass. So many happy memories of gun-running, smuggling, and general mayhem!” – Sir Sidney Ruff-Diamond

“These chaps up the Khyber have no sense of proper British decorum. It’s time we taught them a lesson!” – Sir Sidney Ruff-Diamond

“This mission up the Khyber is no laughing matter, gentlemen. Remember, we’re here on official business!” – Captain Keene

“We may face danger up the Khyber Pass, but we shall carry on with a stiff upper lip!” – Lady Ruff-Diamond

“I say, old chap, this whole Khyber affair has become awfully sticky, hasn’t it?” – Major Shorthouse

“In the face of adversity, we shall stand together and carry on up the Khyber!” – Major Shorthouse

“These tribal chieftains may be fierce, but they haven’t reckoned with the might of the British Empire up the Khyber!” – Sergeant-Major MacNutt

“Nothing can stop us from carrying on up the Khyber! We have the spirit of the British soldier coursing through our veins!” – Sergeant-Major MacNutt “Up the Khyber or down the Khyber, the British Empire shall prevail!” – Sergeant-Major MacNutt

“By Jove, this whole Khyber escapade is downright preposterous!” – The Raja of Khalabar

“Up the Khyber, eh? I am the Raja, and I shall make sure no Britisher sets foot in my domain!” – The Raja of Khalabar

“If we can’t outfight them, we’ll outwit them! Time to show these British chaps who really rules the Khyber Pass!” – Bungdit Din FIRE FUNNY QUOTES

“I cannot believe the audacity of these British fools! I shall defend my honor and my land until the last breath!” – Bungdit Din

“Carry on, men, and let your bravery up the Khyber Pass be remembered for ages!” – Colonel Groat

“Up the Khyber we go, lads! Remember, we carry the weight of the British crown on our shoulders!” – Colonel Groat

“Through treacherous terrain and cunning enemies, we shall carry on up the Khyber, for Queen and Country!” – Colonel Groat

“Up the Khyber or stuck in the mud, we shall carry on until victory is won!” – Captain Keene

“Remember, chaps, the farther up the Khyber we go, the closer we are to triumph and glory!” – Captain Keene

“No challenge is too great, no danger too daunting, as long as we carry on up the Khyber!” – Captain Keene

“The Khyber Pass may be a treacherous road, but our resolve and determination shall guide us through!” – Private Widdle

“No matter what obstacle we face up the Khyber, we shall overcome it with courage and unity!” – Private Widdle

“Up the Khyber we march, comrades, knowing that it is not the destination that matters, but the journey we undertake together!” – Private Widdle

“They may have underestimated us up the Khyber Pass, but let’s show them the British mettle and carry on to victory!” – Private Widdle

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