“Gobind rai gaj ke, Kirpan bin mohe na koye” – In this war, I am invincible with the power of the sword.

“Baajhahu sukh, baajhahu nivarahu dosh” – Destroy all my troubles and eliminate all faults.

“Chandi chinaar mohi na nachaho koye” – No one can entice or deceive me with their tricks.

“Amal ke gun nahi bharose, sabar nahi parvah” – I am not dependent on anyone’s skills or patience.

“Jug jug apni rai hai, sach chandi hai nyara” – Throughout the ages, my praise remains intact, as the truth of Chandi is unique.

“Sravan sunatai moh na bheya, na koobh padahu koye” – I do not fear anyone’s hearing or storytelling, nor do I fall for anyone’s temptations.

“Bhani chatra chalhai vyakhya, ghat bhatt anhad gayo” – With just a single shield, I defend myself, while others use countless weapons.

“Dasan kachhu na ho raha, roop nahi bolan koye” – No one can explain my true nature, as it cannot be expressed in words.

“Gur kiran chin bhakt na kabhoon bohith” – The Guru’s enlightening rays cannot be measured or compared.

“Karku pahar anik anik sabh sopiyo parhath” – I have conquered countless warriors in battle.

“Pasha sabh guno ki rakhaya, bas krodh lobhna hoye” – I possess all the virtues and eradicate anger and greed.

“Amrit sir te hai, nam hai sansar” – The nectar is within me, and my name echoes throughout the world.

“Girhade rai bhaan na aag, bade bachan karathi koye” – No one can withstand my fiery rage, as I speak with great determination. BTS INCORRECT QUOTES

“Har chhap oopar hath jor hain, Triya charn sambar apradh kari” – I join my hands in prayer to the supreme Lord, and I seek forgiveness for any sins I have committed.

“Sarab mangal gavah hai meri, jis khaas na rakhi parakh” – All auspiciousness resides within me, beyond any calculation or measurement.

“Ananta bhup arun chanda puran abar nabhano” – I am the eternal ruler, the sun, the moon, the ancient and the infinite.

“Het rai anga bhakti bhave, rang jugat rang dhare” – Love, allegiance, and devotion are embraced with various expressions and methods.

“Moh bhralang pati bhraje, bhram bham bhoot pale” – Ignorance, attachment, ego, and delusion rule the world.

“Antar jyoti jot samani, soi param pad paye” – The divine light merges with the inner flame, and attains the highest state.

“Tuttai jor na traashee, bhram bhoot kuyogue” – No one can break my strength or intimidate me, as I transcend the illusions of the world.

“Jo bahurang ghore jor dhare, so jor jaag jeeve” – Those who have the strength and courage to face any situation will truly live.

“Kaal dalia kaavan kaav, dalia bikar hai sare” – Death is the ultimate end for all, and all worldly attachments are futile.

“Jog jugat katin katheya, ant na paaye, so janae” – Even after traversing various spiritual paths, one cannot attain the ultimate truth without divine grace.

“Ik chiri daane mul manche, so rahiye navai aaye” – Remain grounded like a tiny grain of sand, that endures despite the changing tides.

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