Here are 24 chugalkhor quotes for you:

“Sometimes being chugalkhor is the only way to survive in this gossip-filled world.”

“Why sip tea when you can sip on all the chugalkhor gupshup?”

“Gossip is my favorite form of entertainment. Keep providing the material, world!”

“Be careful who you trust, because even the closest ones can turn out to be chugalkhors.”

“Chugalkhor by nature, but always with a hint of charm.”

“The best conversations are filled with juicy chugalkhor tidbits.”

“Gossiping doesn’t make you a bad person, just a chugalkhor one.”

“Stay one step ahead, always up-to-date with all the chugalkhor news.”

“In a world full of chugalkhors, be the one who knows how to use information wisely.” “The truth might hurt, but chugalkhors thrive on it.”

“Behind every successful chugalkhor, there’s a trail of juicy secrets.”

“Gossip is just a way to stay connected, one scandal at a time.”

“Chugalkhori is an art, and I’m the Picasso of gossip.” QUOTES MUFTI MENK

“Never underestimate the power of a chugalkhor’s words. They can make or break reputations.”

“Don’t hate the chugalkhor, hate the game they play.”

“Life’s too short to be boring. Let’s spice it up with some chugalkhor talks.”

“I may be a chugalkhor, but at least I’m an honest one.”

“Gossiping may seem superficial, but it reveals so much about human nature.”

“Keep your friends close and your chugalkhors closer.”

“If you want the latest updates, just come to me – the ultimate chugalkhor.”

“Gossip is like a drug – you can’t resist the thrill it brings.”

“No matter how much you try, you can never escape the chugalkhors.”

“Chugalkhor by choice, because normalcy is overrated.”

“Being chugalkhor is frowned upon, but secretly admired by everyone. Embrace it!”

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