“Coffee in one hand, Jesus in my heart.”

“Coffee fuels my body, Jesus fuels my soul.”

“Start your day with coffee and Jesus.”

“Coffee is good, but Jesus is better.”

“Inhale the aroma of coffee, exhale the presence of Jesus.”

“Coffee is a temporary boost, but Jesus is an everlasting source of energy.”

“Coffee can wake me up, but Jesus can bring me to life.”

“Sip on coffee, soak in Jesus’ love.”

“Let coffee warm your hands, let Jesus warm your heart.” “With every sip of coffee, remember the grace of Jesus.”

“Coffee and Jesus: the perfect blend for a blessed day.”

“As I drink my coffee, I savor the goodness of Jesus.”

“Coffee keeps me awake, but Jesus keeps me alive.” CHASING MAVERICKS QUOTES

“I take my coffee with cream and sugar, and my life with Jesus.”

“Just as coffee brings people together, so does Jesus.”

“Coffee is my wake-up call, Jesus is my wake-up call for my spirit.”

“Coffee is a small pleasure, Jesus is my ultimate joy.”

“A cup of coffee in hand, Jesus in my heart, ready to face the day.”

“The warmth of coffee, the warmth of Jesus’ love.”

“The aroma of coffee, the presence of Jesus, both comforting and inviting.”

“In moments of doubt, I find solace in both coffee and Jesus.”

“Like coffee, Jesus awakens my senses and brings clarity to my day.”

“Coffee may give me a jolt, but Jesus gives me purpose.”

“Coffee and Jesus: a heavenly combination to start my day right.”

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