“A cornered animal will fight twice as hard.” – Unknown

“When a cornered animal feels threatened, be prepared for its fiercest attack.” – Michael Grant

“A cornered animal is more dangerous than a wild one.” – Michael Buckley

“A cornered animal will do whatever it takes to survive.” – Unknown

“Beware the cornered animal, for it has nothing to lose.” – Matthew Klausner

“A cornered animal will show you its true nature.” – Unknown

“A cornered animal has no fear, only desperation.” – Steven Adler

“A cornered animal is a desperate animal, ready to fight till the end.” – Unknown

“A cornered animal will unleash all its hidden strength.” – Kami Garcia “The most dangerous moment is when a cornered animal finds its way out.” – Michael Bassey Johnson

“A cornered animal is like a coiled spring – ready to explode at any moment.” – Terry Pratchett

“When pushed into a corner, even the meekest creature can become a fierce adversary.” – Unknown

“The cornered animal knows no mercy; it only seeks its escape.” – Unknown UGH QUOTES

“A cornered animal will defy the odds and surprise you with its resilience.” – Unknown

“A cornered animal is a creature driven by survival instincts, prepared to do the unimaginable.” – Unknown

“Never underestimate the strength and determination of a cornered animal.” – Unknown

“A cornered animal may be wounded, but it fights with unwavering determination.” – Unknown

“A cornered animal will break free from any perceived constraints.” – Unknown

“A cornered animal is always ready to strike, no matter the odds.” – Unknown

“Do not push a cornered animal into a corner, or it will come back to bite you.” – Unknown

“A cornered animal will fight till its last breath.” – Unknown

“When facing a cornered animal, caution is your best ally.” – Unknown

“A cornered animal is like a ticking time bomb, ready to explode at any moment.” – Unknown

“A cornered animal has nothing to lose and everything to gain by fighting back.” – Unknown

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