“Cunning is the art of using deception to achieve one’s objectives.” – Niccolo Machiavelli

“Cunning is the key to survival in this ruthless world.” – Unknown

“A cunning mind can turn any situation to their advantage.” – Unknown

“Cunning is the mark of a true mastermind.” – Unknown

“Cunning is a weapon more powerful than strength.” – Unknown

“Cunning is the currency of the intelligent.” – Unknown

“Cunning is the ability to outsmart your opponents without them even realizing it.” – Unknown

“A cunning person recognizes the value of secrecy and manipulation.” – Unknown

“Cunning is the sign of a shrewd and resourceful individual.” – Unknown “Cunning can be both a blessing and a curse, depending on how it is used.” – Unknown

“A cunning mind can see opportunities where others only see obstacles.” – Unknown

“Cunning is the art of deception, used by those who play the game of life to win.” – Unknown

“Cunning is the ability to make others believe what you want them to believe.” – Unknown QUOTES ABOUT FEELING TRAPPED

“Cunning is the true mark of a leader, someone who can manipulate others to follow their lead.” – Unknown

“Cunning allows you to outsmart your enemies in ways they could never anticipate.” – Unknown

“Cunning allows you to navigate through life’s challenges with precision and finesse.” – Unknown

“Cunning is the art of leading others down the path you want them to take.” – Unknown

“Cunning is the key to unlocking your full potential and achieving great success.” – Unknown

“Cunning is the ability to adapt and thrive in any situation.” – Unknown

“Cunning is the secret weapon of those who refuse to be outwitted.” – Unknown

“Cunning is the skill of manipulating others while making them believe it was their own choice.” – Unknown

“Cunning is the art of bending the rules without breaking them.” – Unknown

“Cunning is the ability to think several steps ahead and plan accordingly.” – Unknown

“Cunning is the ally of the bold and the enemy of the weak.” – Unknown

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