“I don’t play, I slay.”

“I’m like a cupcake with a sprinkle of raunchiness.”

“I’m the queen of the freaks, they all bow to me.”

“You can try to hate, but I’ll just keep shining.”

“I’m too real for the fake, sipping tea while they hate.”

“I’m a boss, don’t need no handouts.”

“I’m a savage, but with a sweet touch.”

“I’m a diamond in the rough, don’t try to tame me.”

“I’m confident in my skin, flaws and all.” “I speak my mind, no filter, no holding back.”

“I’m unapologetically me, take it or leave it.”

“I’m a fierce lioness, ruling my own kingdom.”

“I’m not afraid to break boundaries, I’m a boundary breaker.” GURU ARJAN DEV JI QUOTES

“I’m a real woman, with real desires.”

“I’m a pro at embracing my sexuality, no shame in my game.”

“I’m all about female empowerment, lifting each other up.”

“I’m a hustler, I grind hard for what I want.”

“I’m a walking contradiction, a delicate devil.”

“I’m a rebel, always pushing the limits.”

“I’m a rainbow in the storm, spreading love and positivity.”

“I’m a force to be reckoned with, no one can hold me back.”

“I’m a girl on a mission, breaking barriers with every rhyme.”

“I’m a free spirit, soaring against the wind.”

“I’m a Cupcakke original, one of a kind.”

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