“Decency is not a luxury, but a necessity for a civilized society.” – Unknown

“Decency is the quality that makes us human.” – Unknown

“Decency is not a character trait, it is a way of life.” – Unknown

“True decency lies in how we treat others, even when no one is looking.” – Unknown

“Decency is the foundation upon which respect is built.” – Unknown

“Decency is not about being perfect, but about striving to do what is right.” – Unknown

“Decency is not just about how we behave towards others, but also how we behave towards ourselves.” – Unknown

“Decency is about being honest, kind, and considerate.” – Unknown

“Decency is the mark of a noble soul.” – Unknown “Decency is not a choice, it is a responsibility.” – Unknown

“Decency is not weakness, but strength in the face of adversity.” – Unknown

“Decency is the cornerstone of a just and fair society.” – Unknown

“Decency is not a virtue to be acquired, but a virtue to be lived.” – Unknown SWAMINARAYAN QUOTES IN GUJARATI

“Decency is contagious; let us spread it wherever we go.” – Unknown

“Decency is the language of the heart.” – Unknown

“Decency is not about following rules, but about doing what is morally right.” – Unknown

“Decency is the bridge that connects us to one another.” – Unknown

“Decency requires empathy, compassion, and understanding.” – Unknown

“Decency is the essence of true leadership.” – Unknown

“Decency is the light that shines in the darkness.” – Unknown

“Decency is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength and integrity.” – Unknown

“Decency is not a privilege, but a birthright.” – Unknown

“Decency is the foundation of a respectful and harmonious society.” – Unknown

“Decency is not something we demand from others, but something we cultivate within ourselves.” – Unknown

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