“One who performs their duty without attachment attains the supreme goal.” – Lord Krishna

“Detach yourself from the results of your actions and perform your duties with a peaceful mind.” – Lord Krishna

“Renounce the fruit of your actions, for by doing so, you will attain a state of true detachment.” – Lord Krishna

“A person who is truly detached is unaffected by success or failure, pleasure or pain, honor or dishonor.” – Lord Krishna

“Detachment is not about abandoning the world, but rather developing a sense of equanimity towards it.” – Lord Krishna

“Attachment leads to desires, desires lead to possessiveness, and possessiveness leads to suffering.” – Lord Krishna

“The wise remain equanimous in success and failure, knowing that both are temporary and transient.” – Lord Krishna

“Detachment is the key to finding inner peace amidst the turbulence of life.” – Lord Krishna

“Do your duty without attachment, for attachment causes bondage, while detachment leads to liberation.” – Lord Krishna

“One who is detached is free from fear, for they understand the impermanence of material possessions.” – Lord Krishna

“Perform your prescribed duties without attachment, for by doing so you will attain liberation.” – Lord Krishna

“Detachment is the secret to maintaining mental equilibrium in the midst of adversities.” – Lord Krishna

“The one who is detached remains calm and composed in the face of challenges and tribulations.” – Lord Krishna FUNNY ARMY QUOTES FOR GIRLFRIENDS

“Developing detachment allows one to fully engage in the world, yet remain unaffected by its fluctuations.” – Lord Krishna

“Detachment is not about renouncing the world, but rather renouncing the desire for control and possession.” – Lord Krishna

“Detachment leads to self-realization, for it frees us from the ego-driven cycle of desires.” – Lord Krishna

“A person who is detached does not crave for worldly possessions, as they are content within themselves.” – Lord Krishna

“Attachment creates boundaries and limits, while detachment expands our consciousness and awareness.” – Lord Krishna

“The one who is detached remains unperturbed by external circumstances, as they are rooted in inner stability.” – Lord Krishna

“Detachment is the state of being unaffected by the constant flux of life, remaining steady and centered within.” – Lord Krishna

“The wise perceive the divine essence in all beings, and therefore remain detached from external appearances.” – Lord Krishna

“Detachment is the key to realizing our true nature, which is beyond the temporary fluctuations of the world.” – Lord Krishna

“When one is detached, they recognize that they are not the doer, but a mere instrument of the divine will.” – Lord Krishna

“Detach yourself from the materialistic desires and seek inner fulfillment through spiritual realization.” – Lord Krishna

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