“Don’t waste your time talking behind my back, because I’m already moving forward.”

“Gossiping about me won’t make you any more interesting.”

“If you have something to say about me, say it to my face.”

“Talking behind my back only shows how insecure you are.”

“I’m too busy succeeding to worry about what you’re saying behind my back.”

“If you’re going to talk behind my back, make sure you spell my name right.”

“Strong people don’t tear others down, they lift them up.”

“Talking about me behind my back won’t make you a better person.”

“Your words behind my back say more about you than they do about me.” “If you have an issue with me, be brave enough to confront me.”

“Rumors are created by haters, spread by fools, and believed by idiots.”

“I thrive on criticism, as long as it’s said to my face.”

“Don’t talk about me until you’ve talked to me.” FULTON SHEEN QUOTES ON MARRIAGE

“Avoiding confrontation only exposes your cowardice.”

“The only thing talking behind my back does is make you look desperate for attention.”

“If you’re going to judge me, get to know me first.”

“I don’t care what others say. I know who I am, and that’s enough.”

“The only opinion that matters is the one staring back at you in the mirror.”

“Gossip is the refuge of small-minded people.”

“Your words have the power to destroy or inspire. Choose wisely.”

“I’m too busy building my empire to pay attention to your petty opinions.”

“Small people talk about others, average people talk about events, and great people talk about ideas.”

“I’m not interested in hearsay. I value first-hand experiences.”

“If you have time to talk about me, then I must be doing something right.”

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