“The war against Giygas is now in progress.” – Ness

“Fuzzy Pickles!” – Camera Man

“You encountered the Starmen. They’re tough opponents, but definitely beatable.” – Buzz Buzz

“Paula is thinking about fuzzy pickles.” – Paula

“Ness liked the taste of trout-flavored yogurt.” – Ness’s dad

“We must confront the darkness within ourselves.” – Apple Kid

“My fake self is already corrupting the real me.” – Pokey

“You cannot grasp the true form of Giygas’ attack!” – Battle text

“Remember: the Apple of Enlightenment can rule over all! Listen to my final words…” – Dr. Andonuts “Just a regular customer! Nothing suspicious here.” – Mr. Saturn

“The triumph of evil over good is not a sign of strength. It’s just the weakness of those who can’t control their own heart.” – King

“I miss you, but I have no words to express my feelings.” – Picky

“Zombies Ate My Neighbors is a good game. I’m a zombie, but I wish I could play it.” – Zombie FRIENDSHIP QUOTES IN HINDI ENGLISH

“I sense a great disturbance in the flow of time itself. It appears that something has happened in the past that is causing these strange events.” – Time Traveler

“I ended up spending all my money playing the slots. I became a lone lead star. My chewing gum paid off!” – Lucky

“Just keep swimming, just keep swimming!” – Goldfish

“I am not a taxi. I am a garbage can.” – Trash Can

“Someday, a girl named Paula will say a silent prayer to stop the zombies.” – Tenda Village Elder

“I got my antenna screwed on tight! I can ‘hear’ your thoughts!” – Orange Kid

“Science is amazing! You can make all kinds of weird things with it!” – Dr. Andonuts

“Our heroes with their love and strength will get through.” – Magical Butterfly

“Please don’t talk to me, I’m just here to sweep.” – Sweeping Brother

“You must be tired from standing around… You should go take a nap at the hotel.” – Desk Clerk

“Just remember: YOU ARE HERE!” – Signpost

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