“Eating disorders can only thrive in isolation.” – Carrie Arnold

“Food is fuel, not therapy.” – Unknown

“Happiness is not a size.” – Unknown

“Don’t compare your chapter one to someone else’s chapter ten.” – Unknown

“Your body isn’t a battleground; it’s a vessel to carry you through life.” – Emily Shiffer

“My imperfections make me human, and my flaws make me beautiful.” – Unknown

“Your weight does not define your worth.” – Unknown

“Beauty is not a number on a scale; it’s how you feel about yourself.” – Unknown

“Recovery is not a straight line; it’s a journey with ups and downs.” – Unknown “You are worthy of love and acceptance, regardless of your size.” – Unknown

“Nourishing your body is an act of self-love, not self-destruction.” – Unknown

“Don’t let society’s standards dictate how you should look; love yourself as you are.” – Unknown

“You don’t need to starve yourself to fit into society’s unrealistic beauty standards.” – Unknown FATHERS DAY QUOTES IN HINDI

“Your weight is just a number; it doesn’t define who you are as a person.” – Unknown

“Your true beauty lies in your uniqueness, not in conforming to societal expectations.” – Unknown

“The only person you should be competing with is the person you were yesterday.” – Unknown

“It’s not about having a perfect body; it’s about having a healthy body and mind.” – Unknown

“Food is not the enemy; it’s the fuel that gives you energy and nourishes your body.” – Unknown

“Recovery is possible, and you are stronger than your eating disorder.” – Unknown

“Don’t let your worth be determined by the size of your jeans; you are so much more than that.” – Unknown

“Your body is not an ornament; it’s a vehicle to experience life to its fullest.” – Unknown

“The journey to self-acceptance starts with embracing your body, flaws and all.” – Unknown

“You deserve happiness, love, and a life free from the chains of your eating disorder.” – Unknown

“You have the power to rewrite your story, to heal, and to embrace a life of freedom and self-love.” – Unknown

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