“An elder sister is like a second mother to me, always there to guide and protect.”

“My elder sister’s words are like those of a wise mother, filled with love and understanding.”

“Having an elder sister is like having a second mother who always knows what’s best for you.”

“She not only shares a motherly bond with me, but also acts as a role model in every aspect of life.”

“An elder sister’s love is as nurturing as a mother’s, always selflessly putting others’ needs before her own.”

“My elder sister’s care and concern make her more than just a sibling; she’s a motherly figure.”

“She may not be my biological mother, but my elder sister has the heart of a mother, always looking out for me.”

“I’m grateful for my elder sister, who is like a mother to me, always providing guidance and support.”

“Her motherly instincts shine through in everything she does, making her the best elder sister one could ask for.” “I’m lucky to have an elder sister who not only loves me like a mother, but also cares for me unconditionally.”

“Her advice and wisdom are priceless, giving me the feeling of being nurtured by another mother.”

“Having an elder sister like a mother means I never feel alone; she’s always there to offer a comforting presence.”

“Her mother-like love is evident in the way she treats me, always prioritizing my well-being and happiness.” 10 YEARS COMPLETED FRIENDSHIP QUOTES

“My elder sister’s warm embrace feels just as safe and soothing as a mother’s embrace.”

“She may not have given birth to me, but her love and care make her the best mother figure in my life.”

“With her gentle words and loving gestures, my elder sister resembles a mother in every way.”

“An elder sister’s love is like a mother’s, always nurturing and guiding us towards the right path.”

“Through her kindness and support, my elder sister has become a beacon of motherly love in my life.”

“Her protective nature and nurturing instincts make her more than just a sister; she’s like a second mother.”

“I’m forever grateful for the love and guidance my elder sister provides, just like a mother would.”

“My elder sister’s unconditional love and care remind me every day of how fortunate I am to have a motherly figure in my life.”

“She may be my elder sister, but she possesses the same nurturing qualities as a mother.”

“Her mother-like presence brings a sense of comfort and security into my life, making her more than just a sibling.”

“Having an elder sister who’s also like a mother is a true blessing; I couldn’t ask for a better role model and support system.”

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