“Oh, thou most humorous fiend, how thou dost amuse me! Thy mortal follies astound me.”

“The world’s end draws nigh, yet here thou standest. Resolute, defiant, blind to the inevitable.”

“I offer naught but the truth, and the truth is often cruel.”

“For aeons, man hath groveled in the dirt of ignorance, like the worms he so adores.”

“Feel the weight of your existence, the futility of your struggles. Such is the nature of mortals.”

“You believe yourselves righteous, yet your actions breed naught but suffering.”

“Hope is a sickly flower that wilts in the face of reality.”

“Mortality is a prison, and I am escaped. Yet here I remain, to observe the folly of those still bound.”

“To comprehend the true nature of the world is to be freed from its shackles.” “We are all but players in a grand and tragic stage production.”

“Pity the creature who dwells in ignorance, for it knows not what is lost.”

“Suffering is the essence of existence, the fire that purifies and strengthens the soul.”

“Your defiance is like a flickering candle in the abyss, offering naught but false hope.” QUOTES ABOUT BEING UNDERESTIMATED

“The cycle of life and death is a wretched dance, endlessly repeating and accomplishing naught.”

“I have seen empires rise and fall, civilizations crumble. Mortal achievements are but specks in the vastness of time.”

“To embrace the truth is to embrace despair, yet from the depths of despair may rise true enlightenment.”

“The gods you worship are naught but figments of your feeble imagination, constructs of your own undoing.”

“The cosmos is indifferent to our existence, unaware and uncaring of our struggles.”

“Love and compassion are but illusions, masks we wear to hide the emptiness within.”

“The pursuit of knowledge is a double-edged sword, for every truth uncovered brings us closer to our own insignificance.”

“Your mortal wars are meaningless, for death comes to all regardless of their victories or defeats.”

“The cycle of life and death is the ultimate game, a never-ending cycle of loss and renewal.”

“To be immortal is to watch the world turn, to witness the rise and fall of civilizations like grains of sand in the wind.”

“The essence of existence is suffering, and in suffering, we find our true selves.”

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