“Environmental justice is the recognition that all communities, regardless of race, income, or location, have the right to live in a clean, healthy environment.” – Robert Bullard

“Environmental justice is not an issue of the past, it is an ongoing struggle for marginalized communities.” – Winona LaDuke

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere, and that includes environmental injustice.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

“Environmental justice means that no community should be disproportionally burdened with environmental hazards.” – Peggy Shepard

“Environmental justice is about ensuring that everyone has equal access to clean air, water, and land.” – Majora Carter

“Environmental justice is the way we must manage our natural resources in a sustainable manner, so that everyone benefits, rather than just a few.” – Wangari Maathai

“We cannot achieve true environmental justice without addressing the underlying issues of social and economic inequality.” – Van Jones

“Environmental justice is about fighting for the rights of those who have been historically marginalized and excluded from decision-making processes.” – Mustafa Santiago Ali

“Environmental justice is not just a goal, it is a fundamental human right.” – Mary Robinson

“Environmental justice is about empowering communities to take control of their own destiny and protect their natural resources.” – Richard Moore

“Environmental justice requires us to stand up against the exploitation of both people and the planet.” – Bill McKibben

“Environmental justice means giving a voice to those who have been silenced by their circumstances.” – Dorceta Taylor

“Environmental justice is not just an environmental issue, it is a civil rights issue.” – Benjamin Chavis ROBIN SCHERBATSKY QUOTES

“Environmental justice means holding polluters accountable for the harm they cause to communities.” – Jacqui Patterson

“Environmental justice is about creating a future where no one is left behind, where everyone can thrive.” – Jerome Ringo

“Environmental justice is the key to achieving a sustainable and equitable world for all.” – Vandana Shiva

“Environmental justice means recognizing that the impacts of climate change disproportionately affect vulnerable communities.” – Elizabeth Yeampierre

“Environmental justice means valuing and respecting the cultural knowledge and practices of indigenous peoples.” – Tom Goldtooth

“Environmental justice requires us to dismantle systems of oppression that contribute to environmental harm.” – Devon Halliburton

“Environmental justice means building bridges between different communities and movements for social change.” – Leslie Fields

“Environmental justice means ensuring that future generations inherit a planet that is healthy and thriving.” – Adrianna Quintero

“Environmental justice is about fighting for a world where everyone has access to clean and renewable energy.” – Naomi Klein

“Environmental justice means standing up for the rights of those who have been marginalized and silenced.” – Julian Agyeman

“Environmental justice is the moral imperative to ensure that no one suffers the worst impacts of environmental degradation.” – Paul Mohai