“Geography is just physics slowed down, with lots of trees sticking up.” – Mohsin Hamid, Exit West

“War is a cruel and brutal teacher. But it is also a teacher of courage and resilience.” – Exit West

“The only nation we inhabit is the nation of two.” – Exit West

“Love, it is said, is blind, but love is not blind. It is an extra eye, which shows us what is most worthy of our regard.” – Exit West

“Every time they left, they left that tiny little something of themselves that refused to leave.” – Exit West

“But as they stood together in the snowfall and the mist, they sensed the destinies of wars in motion and the missing millions around the world slipping away silently, like an unnoticed breath of wind.” – Exit West

“We are all migrants through time.” – Exit West

“The apocalypse appeared to have arrived and yet it was not apocalyptic.” – Exit West

“Migration is the shifting of the body, but also of the soul.” – Exit West “The city that existed only in their eyes was forced to materialize around them.” – Exit West

“A person’s life never becomes someone else’s life. But for people inclined to feel nostalgia for a place they had never called home, she was the perfect conundrum.” – Exit West

“All the doors, the gates, were open. One just had to step through to walk into another world.” – Exit West

“He assumed a new normalcy for himself and for them. What had seemed permanent – the grand and the middling, the quotidian and the catastrophic – now seemed transient.” – Exit West ULQUIORRA QUOTES

“They didn’t know what lay before them, but time was behaving strangely, and it was treating them well.” – Exit West

“When we migrate, we murder from our lives those we leave behind.” – Exit West

“It might seem odd that in cities teetering at the edge of the abyss young people still go to class – in this case an evening class on corporate identity and product branding – as if everything were still normal.” – Exit West

“We are all immigrants in the end. We are all stuck with ourselves.” – Exit West

“This was the earth and everything that was in it was his. He would always be able to come back.” – Exit West

“The doors open, people walk through, and they don’t return. It wasn’t a decision, any more than dying is a decision.” – Exit West

“The world was new, and waiting to be lived in.” – Exit West

“She wished she could know that wherever he was, he was alive and well and that she was with him, without fear, forever and ever.” – Exit West

“But life’s possibilities are vast so long as they remain imagined.” – Exit West

“We do not get to choose where to love, only whether to love.” – Exit West

“When we step into the wild world, there will always be consequences.” – Exit West

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