“A true friend is someone who will always have your back, even when you’re standing on opposing sides.” – Unknown

“The best friendships are built upon disagreements and challenges, for they test and strengthen the bond.” – Unknown

“It’s in the heat of a fight that true friends rise above their differences and find common ground again.” – Unknown

“True friendship is not about never disagreeing, but about valuing the relationship enough to work through the disagreements.” – Unknown

“Friendship is not about avoiding conflict, but about embracing it as an opportunity to grow together.” – Unknown

“A strong friendship can withstand fights, disagreements, and differences, for it is built on a foundation of love and understanding.” – Unknown

“A real friend is not afraid to call you out on your flaws, and will still stand by you after the dust settles.” – Unknown

“The true test of a friendship is not how many fights you have, but how many you can recover from and still remain loyal.” – Unknown

“A fight does not diminish the value of a friendship; it reveals its true strength.” – Unknown “Fights in friendship can be painful, but through sincere apologies and forgiveness, they can also lead to growth and deeper connection.” – Unknown

“A true friend will forgive you after a fight, not because you’re right, but because they value the relationship more than their ego.” – Unknown

“Fights in friendship are like storms; they may disrupt the peace but also clear the air for new beginnings.” – Unknown

“An honest fight is better than a fake smile in friendship, for it allows for genuine resolutions and deeper understanding.” – Unknown DíA DE LOS MUERTOS QUOTES IN SPANISH

“Sometimes fights in friendship are necessary to weed out toxicity and strengthen the bonds that matter.” – Unknown

“Fights in friendship can be messy, but they offer an opportunity for growth, learning, and empathy.” – Unknown

“Friendship fights should never end in bitterness; rather, they should lead to open conversations and a better understanding of one another.” – Unknown

“A fight can teach us the importance of compromise in friendship, as it is through finding middle ground that we can preserve our bond.” – Unknown

“In the chaos of a fight, a true friend will hold your hand and guide you towards resolution, ensuring that the friendship remains intact.” – Unknown

“Even the closest friends will have fights, but the strength of their friendship lies in their ability to overcome those fights and continue supporting each other.” – Unknown

“A fight in friendship can be an opportunity for growth, as it presents the chance to understand each other’s perspectives and learn from our differences.” – Unknown

“Fights in friendship can reveal hidden truths and allow for deeper levels of trust and understanding.” – Unknown

“A friend who is willing to fight for you is a friend who truly values your relationship, for they are willing to go through the hard times to protect what you have.” – Unknown

“Fights in friendship should never be about winning or losing, but about finding a resolution that is fair and respectful to both parties.” – Unknown

“A true friendship is not defined by the absence of fights, but by the genuine desire to resolve them and rebuild the connection.” – Unknown

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