“Behind every great soldier, there’s a girlfriend rolling her eyes.”

“I’m not a jealous girlfriend, I just have a particular set of skills in case anyone messes with my soldier.”

“My boyfriend is like a solider, always on duty to protect me from spiders.”

“Being in a relationship with a soldier is like being in a long-distance relationship with no end in sight.”

“My soldier is my favorite superhero, with a camouflage cape and combat boots.”

“Who needs a knight in shining armor when you have a soldier in camo?”

“My soldier is like a commando, both in the army and in stealing my heart.”

“Dating a soldier is like being in a never-ending action movie with twists and turns.”

“My soldier doesn’t need a superhero name, he’s already my real-life Captain America.”

“Being in a relationship with a soldier means my bedside table is cluttered with military care package supplies.”

“My solider boyfriend always has my back, even if he’s carrying a 50-pound rucksack.”

“Deployments make the heart grow fonder, but also the phone bill higher.”

“My soldier would win any gaming competition, his military training definitely helps with strategy.” QUOTES ON BILL OF RIGHTS

“Dating a soldier is like a rollercoaster ride, full of ups and downs, but always worth it.”

“I never thought I’d have to compete with a uniform, but my soldier boyfriend sure knows how to steal the spotlight.”

“An army girlfriend’s fitness routine includes learning how to carry a heavy duffle bag.”

“Instead of saying goodbye, army girlfriends say ‘see you on FaceTime!'”

“Being an army girlfriend means accepting that a call can come at any hour, even during Girls’ Night.”

“I’m not just an army girlfriend, I’m a professional care package packer and letter writer.”

“Army life taught my boyfriend many things, including how to shower in record time.”

“Military acronyms have invaded our relationship, my soldier teaches me a new one every day.”

“Army girlfriends always have the best collection of camouflage fashion.”

“My soldier is the perfect mix of tough and tender, like a teddy bear holding a rifle.”

“Being an army girlfriend means falling in love with the person, not just their uniform.”

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