“Dreams are like rainbows; they make everything more colorful and slightly unrealistic.” – Unknown

“Dreams are the brain’s way of entertaining itself while you sleep.” – Unknown

“I don’t dream about success anymore, now I just dream about having a nap.” – Unknown

“My dream job is undecided, but it definitely involves not waking up early.” – Unknown

“Dreaming is easy; it’s the waking up part that’s hard.” – Unknown

“Follow your dreams, except for the one where you’re at work in your underwear.” – Unknown

“I think I’ll just keep dreaming, because reality has a way of ruining everything.” – Unknown

“Dream big, but also take naps.” – Unknown

“Why do we get out of bed? Because we are done with dreaming! Or because we need coffee…” – Unknown “Dreaming is my superpower, now if only I could use it to pay bills.” – Unknown

“Dreams are beautiful until reality hits you in the face.” – Unknown

“I still remember everything I forgot to do today… in my dream.” – Unknown

“My dream is to live in a world where WiFi connects automatically.” – Unknown ANGRY ON GF QUOTES

“The only thing standing between me and my dream is the snooze button.” – Unknown

“My brain: I have so many great ideas. Me: Please let me sleep.” – Unknown

“In my dreams, I can fly. In reality, I stumble over my own two feet.” – Unknown

“I don’t dream of success, I dream of never having to do the laundry again.” – Unknown

“My dream car is one that drives itself, so I can sleep in peace.” – Unknown

“If dreaming was a job, I’d be the best employee of the month, every month.” – Unknown

“In my dreams, I’m always the hero. In reality, I’m just a mess.” – Unknown

“I keep dreaming of a world where ice cream is a health food.” – Unknown

“Dreams are like tacos; they’re always better when you add cheese.” – Unknown

“My dream vacation? A trip to my bed, with unlimited room service.” – Unknown

“Dreams are like pizza; even when they’re bad, they’re still pretty good.” – Unknown

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