“Faith is believing in something even when common sense tells you not to.”

“My faith in humanity is like my Wi-Fi signal – it fluctuates.”

“Faith is like a sense of humor, not everyone has one.”

“I have enough faith to believe that Netflix will never raise their prices again.”

“Having faith in yourself is the first step to becoming a superhero.”

“Faith: when you believe in something you can’t prove, because deep down, who needs science?”

“Faith doesn’t make things easy, it makes them possible.”

“Faith is like a wedding cake – it’s easier to digest in small slices.”

“Faith is pretending to know something you don’t, and then convincing others you do.” “Faith is believing that your newly bought plants won’t die within a week.”

“Faith is trusting the chef when he says the ‘special sauce’ is nothing to worry about.”

“Faith is believing in the power of karma when you accidentally hit the snooze button for the 10th time.”

“Faith is knowing that the printer will start working the moment you give up and call IT.” 2 LINE LOVE QUOTES IN HINDI

“Faith is like a GPS – it won’t get you there, but it will provide some much-needed guidance.”

“Faith is believing that the last slice of pizza will magically make room in your stomach.”

“Faith is being confident in your abilities to parallel park in a compact car.”

“Faith is trusting that the batteries in your smoke detector won’t die at 2 am.”

“Faith is believing that losing one sock in the laundry is a sacrifice the washing machine gods demand.”

“Faith is knowing that someday your printer will actually print something useful.”

“Faith is trusting that your social media captions will always receive an ample amount of likes.”

“Faith is like WiFi – it connects you to something greater, but it does drop out from time to time.”

“Faith is believing that the person in front of you will remember to hold the door open.”

“Faith is knowing that chocolate will always make everything better.”

“Faith is knowing that your pet will always forgive you for accidentally stepping on their tail.”

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