“Monday is the day I start counting down to Friday.”

“I’m not a fan of Mondays, but I’m a huge fan of Friday paychecks.”

“If Mondays were shoes, they’d be Crocs – comfy but uncool.”

“On Mondays, I have a Ph.D. in procrastination.”

“Mondays are like alarm clocks with snooze buttons that never work.”

“Monday: 1, Me: 0. It’s off to a strong start already.”

“I’m allergic to mornings and Mondays.”

“Monday is a tough day, but Karen in accounting is tougher.”

“I blame Monday for my inability to form coherent sentences.” “Coffee: because adulting is hard, especially on Mondays.”

“I’m not sure if I hate Mondays more or Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, or Fridays for reminding me how close Monday is.”

“I think Monday should be celebrated as the first draft of the rest of the week.”

“Monday is a fresh start, even if it feels like a recycled Monday from last week.” SORRY BUT I LOVE YOU QUOTES

“Nothing makes you appreciate the weekend like a Monday morning meeting.”

“Wishing it was already Friday is my favorite Monday tradition.”

“Mondays are the reason I drink my coffee with a straw – to avoid inhaling all the potential chaos.”

“If Monday had a face, I’d punch it.”

“Monday is nature’s way of telling you to put on your big kid pants.”

“I’m not saying I hate Mondays, but if Monday had a face, I’d punch it twice.”

“I hope the wifi is stronger than my urge to procrastinate on this Monday.”

“Monday: the perfect day to start over, procrastinate, or continue mulling over weekend regrets.”

“Mondays are like getting a haircut – unpleasant, but necessary.”

“If Monday had a signature drink, it would be a double shot of espresso with a side of tears.”

“I’m not a morning person, and Mondays just amplify that feeling.”

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