“I quilt because punching people is frowned upon.”

“Quilting – because therapy is expensive.”

“I’m a quiltaholic, I’d buy fabric, but I need ’em for quilts.”

“My idea of a balanced diet is a quilt in each hand.”

“Quilting: it’s cheaper than therapy, and you get a quilt in the end.”

“Quilting: the art of turning fabric into happy little pieces of warmth.”

“Quilting: making memories one stitch at a time.”

“I’m not addicted to quilting, I can quit anytime I want… after this last quilt.”

“Quilting: where fabric meets therapy.” “Quilting: the only mess I’m willing to make.”

“My superpower is quilting. What’s yours?”

“Life is short, so quilt faster!”

“Quilting: because staring blankly at the TV is too mainstream.” WORK MOTIVATIONAL QUOTES IN HINDI

“I quilt so I don’t unravel.”

“Quilting: where stress and fabric meet their match.”

“Quilting is my cardio.”

“I don’t snore, I dream of quilting.”

“Quilters don’t do guilt trips, they do guilt-free quilting trips.”

“When life gives you scraps, make a quilt.”

“Quilting is the thread that holds my life together.”

“Quilting: the best therapy money can buy.”

“I never make mistakes, I just come up with new quilting techniques.”

“Quilting: the one time it’s acceptable to be covered in fluff.”

“I’m not messy, I’m just creatively organized… with fabric.”

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