“Keep your mouth closed and let your eyes do the talking. Words can sometimes get you in trouble.”

“Sometimes it’s better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you’re a fool, rather than opening it and confirming their suspicions.”

“When in doubt, zip it. Mouths tend to have a mind of their own, and they often don’t align with our brains.”

“Silence is golden, especially when you’re sitting next to someone who won’t stop talking.”

“The only time it’s safe to have an open mouth is when you’re yawning or eating. Otherwise, keep it shut!”

“Remember, silence is a beautiful thing. Some people should try it for a change.”

“My favorite exercise is keeping my mouth shut and letting people assume I know everything.”

“Silence may be a virtue, but so is sarcasm. Choose your weapon wisely!”

“Life tip: If you can’t say something nice, just shut up. It’ll save you from a lot of unnecessary drama.” “It’s incredible how many problems can be solved by simply not saying anything at all.”

“Sometimes I keep my mouth shut just to maintain the element of surprise.”

“Remember, your mouth has a filter called ‘think before you speak.’ It’s wise to make use of it.”

“If stupidity was a language, some people would be fluent. But hey, at least they’re speaking it with their mouths shut.” QUOTE NAUGHTY

“Silence is the best response when faced with stupidity. Don’t engage; it’s not worth it!”

“They say actions speak louder than words, but in some cases, inaction (keeping your mouth shut) speaks even louder.”

“The risk of saying something stupid increases exponentially when you decide to open your mouth. Keep that in mind.”

“Silence can be a form of self-defense. When in doubt, protect yourself by not saying anything.”

“Think twice before opening your mouth. You don’t want to regret those words as they leave your lips.”

“The less you say, the more people will wonder about you. Let them create their own narrative.”

“Keeping your mouth shut isn’t a sign of weakness; it shows you have control over what comes out.”

“Some people’s mouths are like automatic error machines. The best way to avoid mishaps is to keep them shut.”

“Feeling the urge to speak? Count to ten first. More often than not, you’ll realize silence was the better option.”

“Silence is a precious gift. Cherish it, practice it, and savor the awkward moments it creates.”

“Remember, you have the right to remain silent. Exercise that right frequently!”

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