Sure! Here are 24 quotes by George Jones:

“Country music isn’t a guitar, it isn’t a banjo, it isn’t a melody, it isn’t a lyric—it’s a feeling.”

“I’m not a star, I’ll never be a Frank Sinatra or Elvis Presley or a Ray Charles. I’m just a country boy.”

“I sing to the real people. I don’t care for those with second-hand problems.”

“I can remember when nobody believed in me.”

“Somewhere between raising hell and amazing grace, we find ourselves out there in our graceless old body.”

“Country music is still your grandpa’s music, but it’s also your daughter’s music. It’s getting bigger and better all the time and I’m glad to be a part of it.”

“I did my best to give the people what they wanted and what they needed.”

“It’s funny how a little thunder shakes your foundation.”

“I just sing what’s real to me.” “I went from picking cotton to picking guitars.”

“The saddest lines I ever penned are the ones of love gone wrong.”

“Songs don’t just come out of the air. They come out of a lot of tears and pain.”

“I don’t make records for pleasure. I did when I was a kid, but I don’t today. I record so that I can feed my people.” EXAM MOTIVATIONAL QUOTES IN HINDI

“I believe when we say ‘in God we trust,’ we also must say ‘in George we trust’.”

“I was country before being country was cool.”

“You gotta have smelt a lot of mule manure before you can sing like a hillbilly.”

“I’ve been in jail more times than I can count. I’ve been gone from home many times that I’ll never be able to count.”

“I’ve been called ‘The Possum’, ’No Show’ and ‘No Show Jones’. But when it comes to business, I have always been serious.”

“The first time I heard myself on the radio, it sounded like God.”

“The good Lord must have had a reason for giving me a voice, and I think I know why—to sing traditional country music.”

“There’s no question that hard times make people stick to the traditional sounds.”

“It’s heartache, but that’s the chance you take when you’re in love.”

“I’m a survivor and I can handle anything. I’m very confident about that.”

“In the eyes of many, many people I’m just a drunk. I’ll always be an alcoholic. I just never took the steps to become sober.”

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