“God is not a distant force, but a loving presence always with us.”

“God’s power is endless and beyond our comprehension.”

“God’s mercy knows no bounds and is available to all who seek it.”

“God’s love is a light that guides us through the darkest times.”

“God’s wisdom is greater than any human understanding.”

“God’s grace is a gift that transforms lives.”

“God’s faithfulness endures forever.”

“God’s peace surpasses all understanding.”

“God’s provision is abundant.” “God’s promises are trustworthy and true.”

“God’s justice will prevail in the end.”

“God’s presence brings comfort and strength.”

“God’s forgiveness is a healing balm for the brokenhearted.” MUMMY DADDY QUOTES

“God’s sovereignty is the foundation of all creation.”

“God’s purpose for our lives is greater than we can imagine.”

“God’s light shines in the darkness and brings hope.”

“God’s word is a source of wisdom and guidance.”

“God’s love is infinite and unconditional.”

“God’s strength is made perfect in our weakness.”

“God’s plan is perfectly orchestrated for our good.”

“God’s presence brings peace and rest to the weary soul.”

“God’s beauty is seen in the wonders of creation.”

“God’s patience extends to all who seek repentance.”

“God’s grace is a fountain that never runs dry.”

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