“God, please lead me in the direction of my purpose.”

“Lord, let your will guide my steps.”

“I surrender my plans to you, Lord. Lead me where you will.”

“May your light guide me to where I am meant to be.”

“Lead me, Lord, and I will follow.”

“God, grant me the wisdom to know your will and the courage to follow it.”

“Lord, guide me in the path of righteousness.”

“I trust in your plan for me, God. Lead me with your grace.”

“May the Holy Spirit lead me to my true calling.” “God, show me the way and I will follow.”

“Lord, be my compass and guide me through life’s journey.”

“May your presence light the path of my life, O God.”

“Lead me, Lord, down the path of righteousness and away from temptation.” STRESS QUOTES IN TAMIL

“I submit my plans to your greater plan, Lord.”

“Lead me, God, to a life that glorifies you.”

“May your love guide every decision I make, Lord.”

“God, reveal your purpose for my life and lead me towards it.”

“I place my trust in your divine guidance, Lord.”

“May your word be a lamp to my feet and a light to my path, O God.”

“I pray for clarity and direction in my life, Lord.”

“Guide me, Lord, towards the desires of your heart.”

“May the Holy Spirit lead me to live a life that honors you, God.”

“Lead me, Lord, towards the plans you have for me.”

“God, let your hand guide me towards what is good and pure.”

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