“Irulinte kadha kidannalum, raathriyil kaathirikkum ninne njan snehikunnu.”

( “Even in the midst of darkness, I love you and keep you in my thoughts throughout the night.”)

“Ninnodu raathri niranja bhagavatham, ninte sneham enne orkkanam.”

( “You are my entire storybook filled with love, and I need your love to survive the night.”)

“Ponnonatharangalilum nee ennodu irikkunna raathrimaranju neramayi Jeevikkanam.”

( “I want to live with you like a story woven in golden colors throughout the night.”)

“Ninne kanan njan raathriyilum thulumbiya snehamayi jeevikkanam.”

( “I want to live with an overflowing love for you throughout the night.”)

“Raathri ente swapnangal avekkunnu nee, nee ennodu jeevikkunnu raathriyil.”

( “You are my dreams come true, and I want to live with you throughout the night.”)

“Njan ninne snehikkanam, ninakkavarnnoru raathriyil.”

( “I want to love you like no one else ever could through one night.”)

“Pulariyinjathum, iruluduthunarthiyalum, thudarum ninne njan snehikunnu raathriyil.”

( “Through each dawn and by dispelling darkness, I will continue to love you throughout the night.”)

“Ennennum ninne muzhuvanum snehikkunna raathriyil.”

( “I will love you wholeheartedly every night.”)

“Nee enne snehikkunnu, veendum veendum enne snehikkunnu, raathriyil.”

( “You love me, again and again, every night.”)

“Nee enne snehikkan nokki, raathriyil varaam niranju jeevikkunna sukham.”

( “The happiness of living each night fully in anticipation of your love is unmatched.”)

“Nee enne snehichaal mathi, raathriyil manassil enne snehikkan nokkam.”

( “If you love me, search for my love within your heart each night.”)

“Sneham niranju jeevikkum raathrinekkal, nee enne snehikkanam.”

( “To live a night filled with love, you need to love me.”)

“Njan ninne snehikkunna raathriyum nee enne snehikkunnu.” WRONG PERCEPTION QUOTES

( “You love me, and I love you throughout the night.”)

“Ninne snehikunna kaalaththil, raathriyilum snehikkanam ennodu.”

( “In the times you love me, you should love me throughout the night.”)

“Nee njan enne snehichu, raathriyilum snehikkanam ennodu.”

( “You love me, and you should love me throughout the night.”)

“Raathrikalil ninne snehichu jeevikkunna orkkal snehamakkiyaayi jeevikkanam.”

( “Let’s live by loving each other throughout the nights with a love that never fades away.”)

“Ninne snehikkan jeevikkunna raathriyil, oru velichathinum koodi thanne snehikkanam ennodu.”

( “In the night that we live by loving each other, you should love me even more than a thousand lights.”)

“Nee enne snehikkanam, seshamayirikkunna raathrikalilum snehikkanam.”

( “You should love me, even in the nights that lie ahead of us.”)

“Ennennum ninne snehikkanam, ente jeevithathile raathriyilum.”

( “I will always love you throughout every night of my life.”)

“Ninne snehikkanam, pranayathinte ormakalil raathriyilum.”

( “Love me within the dreams of love, even in the night.”)

“Raathriyil jeevitam kazhinju poyal, nee enne snehikkanam.”

( “As the night ends, you should love me.”)

“Pookalum raathrikalum ninneyum snehikkunnu.”

( “Both flowers and nights love you.”)

“Raathriyude kolusinte rasam enne orkkanam ninne snehikkaruthu.”

( “I can feel the taste of the night’s silence when you love me.”)

“Raathrike kaathirikkunna njangal oru snehadalam aayathu, ninne snehikkunna ormakalil.”

( “We become a garden of love that blooms throughout the night, within the dreams of loving you.”)

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