“Ek Oankar Satnam, Karta Purakh” – There is one supreme reality, the eternal truth, the creator of all.

“Aap hukam, bakhshish, tere bakshande” – Everything happens according to your will, o Lord, and forgiveness comes only from you.

“Sabna jiya ka ek data, so mai visar na jaaee” – The creator is the same for all beings, do not forget this.

“Manmeeta paavey mokh duaar” – When the mind is pleased, the door to liberation opens.

“Sochai soch na hovaee, je sochi lakh vaaar” – By merely thinking, one cannot understand you, even if one thinks millions of times.

“Bhavey mukt na koi, jis aapey bujhae” – No one is liberated by mere desires, only the one who is enlightened can understand.

“Nanak dukhiaa sab sansaar, sookhaa naee koye” – O Nanak, the whole world is suffering, no one is truly content.

“Ram Japo Ji aise aise, hoye hoye” – Meditate on the Lord’s name in such a way that you become like Him.

“Man tu jyot saroop hai, apna mool pachaan” – O mind, you are the embodiment of divine light, recognize your true essence. “Jin prem kio, tin hee prabh paio” – Those who love God with absolute devotion, they alone attain Him.

“Har har naam dikhae taa paap ka naas” – By meditating on the name of the Lord, all sins are destroyed.

“Sabh ghat raviaa sabh ghat hai” – The Lord is within all hearts, He is present in every being.

“Naam brahm kaa jas gaae, le gur ka shabad samjhaae” – Sing the praises of the divine name, and understand the teachings of the Guru’s word. PRIVATE LOVE QUOTES

“Satgur duaaray mil dayé, jin har naam dhiyaa” – Through the Guru’s teachings and grace, one attains the Lord’s name.

“Gur parsaad ko simrae, simar simar sukh paavey” – Remember the Guru’s grace, and by continuous remembrance, find peace.

“Kaam krodh lobh moh binaas, tis tript ho-ey naam samhaal” – Lust, anger, greed, and attachment are destroyed, only those who embrace the Lord’s name are satisfied.

“Gurmukh jinhaa naam japo, tis seva kaar kamaavni” – Those who meditate on the Lord’s name and serve selflessly are true disciples.

“Jin har ras nav cheteeya, tis jan ko seva ras laage” – Those who contemplate on the elixir of the Lord’s name, find joy in serving others.

“Simar simar har vasaavni, man andhkar ghanaa haaya” – Meditate, meditate and dwell in the Lord’s presence, and darkness within will be dispelled.

“Sab ghat ka hai tu hai tu, jo sabh milai so sach hai” – You are present in every heart, and what unites all is the ultimate truth.

“Raam naam bikhaye koti dosh” – The name of the Lord dispels millions of sins.

“Jehva naam japay saglaa kaam” – The tongue that chants the Lord’s name can accomplish all tasks.

“Mann tann naal raam avar na koi” – The mind and body belong to the Lord, and there is no one else besides Him.

“Naam ke jaap se tan mukt” – By chanting the name of the Lord, the body finds liberation.

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