“Wear your helmet, because life is a precious thing.” – Unknown

“A helmet is the ultimate fashion statement for safety.” – Unknown

“Protect your brain, wear a helmet.” – Unknown

“Life is tough, but helmets make it tougher.” – Unknown

“Your head is worth more than a few minutes of discomfort wearing a helmet.” – Unknown

“Never underestimate the power of a properly fitted helmet.” – Unknown

“A helmet is like a guardian angel for your head.” – Unknown

“Helmets can’t stop accidents, but they can save lives.” – Unknown

“Wearing a helmet is not a choice, it’s a smart decision.” – Unknown “A helmet is not an accessory, it’s a necessity.” – Unknown

“Protect your head, protect your future.” – Unknown

“Don’t gamble with your brain, wear a helmet.” – Unknown

“Helmets are cooler than head injuries.” – Unknown DON T BE POSSESSIVE QUOTES

“Keep calm and wear a helmet.” – Unknown

“Helmets are designed to save minds, not just heads.” – Unknown

“Life is uncertain, but wearing a helmet doesn’t have to be.” – Unknown

“Keep your head up, and your helmet on.” – Unknown

“Helmets may not be your style, but neither is brain damage.” – Unknown

“Helmets are meant to be worn, not mourned.” – Unknown

“A helmet may not be the most flattering accessory, but it’s the most sensible one.” – Unknown

“Don’t risk your life just to style your hair, wear a helmet.” – Unknown

“The only thing cooler than a helmet is being alive to wear it.” – Unknown

“A helmet today, keeps the doctor away.” – Unknown

“Sometimes the greatest heroes wear helmets, not capes.” – Unknown

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