“I’m not a regular bride, I’m a cool bride.”

“Bachelorette party: buy me a drink, I’m getting hitched!”

“Last fling before the ring!”

“Keep calm, it’s my bachelorette party.”

“Warning: bachelorette on the loose!”

“Cheers to the bride, may she never lose her shoes.”

“Getting married: because staying single and drunk isn’t socially acceptable anymore.”

“Drunk in love (and champagne).”

“Goodbye single life, hello wife!” “I do… believe in tequila shots!”

“No crown necessary, I’m the queen of the bachelorette party.”

“Party like a pine-apple because I’m getting married!”

“Shake your palm palms, it’s my bachelorette party!” LOVE QUOTES FOR HUSBAND IN PUNJABI

“Fries before guys.”

“Marriage: the journey from ‘I do’ to ‘I’m going to need a drink.'”

“I’m getting married, so it’s bottoms up!”

“Bachelorette party: where the drinks flow and the bride glows.”

“Just here for the cocktails and confetti.”

“Buy me a shot, I’m tying the knot.”

“Diamonds are great, but have you tried champagne?”

“I can’t say ‘I do’ without my crew.”

“Future Mrs. (Last Name): temporarily out of order, please fill her glass.”

“Sorry guys, this girl is off the market!”

“One last rodeo before I say ‘I do.'”

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