“The goalie is the lone wolf of the team, standing alone and taking on all comers.” – Carey Price

“As a goalie, you can’t be afraid to get the puck thrown at you.” – Henrik Lundqvist

“I try to be as reactive as possible, try to let the puck come to me and just react.” – Marc-Andre Fleury

“I say goaltending is 75% mental, 20% physical and 5% equipment.” – Ken Dryden

“The position is unique and more difficult than any other in sports.” – Jacques Plante

“A goalie’s job is to do anything to keep the puck out of the net.” – Patrick Roy

“I think goalies are a little different in the way we see things and the way we approach life.” – Jonathan Quick

“I don’t like to think about the one that got past me.” – Martin Brodeur

“Goalies are the most important players on the ice.” – Vladislav Tretiak

“The key is to see the puck and react to it, not think about it.” – Dominik Hasek

“The best goalies in the world have fun playing the game.” – Henrik Lundqvist

“A goalie is like a lead guitarist in a band. He can save the day or ruin it.” – Jonathan Quick

“A goalie’s success can often be measured by how he handles adversity.” – Grant Fuhr MANN KI SHANTI QUOTES

“Goalies are different, and that’s the fun thing about it.” – Martin Brodeur

“Playing goalie is like standing in the middle of a traffic intersection and trying to stop every car that comes your way.” – Terry Sawchuk

“A goaltender is the ultimate safety valve for a team.” – Jean-Sebastien Giguere

“A goaltender is like a lion in a cage – he’s always ready to pounce.” – Roberto Luongo

“A goalie’s job is to be the last line of defense and give his team a chance to win.” – Carey Price

“A goalie’s job is never done until the final whistle blows.” – Ed Belfour

“A goalie is only as good as the team in front of him.” – Terry Sawchuk

“Playing goal is like trying to solve a puzzle where different pieces keep coming at you.” – Patrick Roy

“In hockey, the goaltender is like the drummer in a band: if he doesn’t do his job, the others have to work twice as hard.” – Glenn Hall

“To be a successful goaltender, you need to be composed, focused, and fearless.” – Henrik Lundqvist

“In hockey, the goaltender is more of a cerebral position.” – Corey Hirsch