“Sometimes it takes a natural disaster to bring out the best in humanity.” – Mattress Mack

“When floods came, Houstonians showed their resilience, strength, and compassion.” – Sylvester Turner

“In the face of adversity, Texans always come together to help one another.” – Greg Abbott

“The healing process after a hurricane is both physical and emotional.” – Dan Patrick

“We may be battered, but our spirit remains unbroken.” – Houston Strong

“Harvey showed us the power of unity and compassion.” – Lina Hidalgo

“We rebuild not just our homes, but also the bonds that hold our community together.” – Hurricane Harvey Survivor

“When the storm hit, heroes rose to the occasion.” – Mattress Mack

“Hurricane Harvey taught us the value of preparation and the importance of helping our neighbors.” – Ted Cruz “We emerged from the storm stronger than ever.” – Houston Strong

“In the face of destruction, Texans showed their resilience and courage.” – Greg Abbott

“Harvey taught us that heroes wear many different uniforms.” – Hurricane Harvey Survivor

“When the floodwaters rose, hearts opened wide.” – Mattress Mack HINDI QUOTES ON REPUBLIC DAY

“We will never forget the spirit and unity that emerged from the storm.” – Lina Hidalgo

“We learned that no matter the circumstances, the human spirit can never be broken.” – Hurricane Harvey Survivor

“The aftermath of the storm brought out the best in humanity.” – Ted Cruz

“Harvey reminded us of the power of community and the importance of standing together.” – Houston Strong

“We will rise from the floodwaters with renewed strength and determination.” – Greg Abbott

“Harvey showed us that Texans are always ready to lend a helping hand.” – Mattress Mack

“Floodwaters can wash away material possessions, but they cannot wash away our resilience.” – Lina Hidalgo

“In the darkest times, heroes shine the brightest.” – Hurricane Harvey Survivor

“We proved that nothing can break the spirit of a Texan.” – Ted Cruz

“Harvey taught us the true meaning of community and love for our neighbors.” – Houston Strong

“We may have been knocked down, but we will never stay down.” – Greg Abbott

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