“You annoy me more than anyone else, but I can’t help but love you.”

“I hate that I still care about you, even after everything you’ve done.”

“You drive me crazy, but I can’t imagine my life without you.”

“I hate how you always find a way back into my heart, no matter how hard I try to keep you out.”

“I know I shouldn’t love you, but I can’t help it.”

“You hurt me so much, yet I can’t let go of the love I have for you.”

“I hate that you have this power over me, but I can’t resist you.”

“It’s frustrating to love someone who doesn’t deserve it.”

“No matter how much you hurt me, I still can’t stop loving you.” “You make me feel alive and dead at the same time. I hate how much I love you.”

“I hate how easily you can break my heart, yet I can’t stop loving you.”

“Loving you is my greatest weakness, and I hate myself for it.”

“You make me question my sanity, yet I can’t help but love you.” GENERAL CONFERENCE QUOTES 2022

“I hate that I still hope for us, even when all logic tells me to move on.”

“You’re toxic, but I can’t deny my love for you.”

“Loving you is like a beautiful nightmare that I can’t seem to escape.”

“I hate how much power you have over my emotions, yet I can’t let go.”

“You’re the one I despise the most, yet I can’t help but love you.”

“I hate how I still miss you, even though you’re no good for me.”

“Loving you is self-destructive, but I can’t resist the pull.”

“You’re like a drug I can’t quit, even though I know it’s destroying me.”

“I hate how my heart still longs for you, even though my mind knows better.”

“Loving you is a constant battle between what I want and what I deserve.”

“You bring out the worst in me, but I can’t deny my love for you.”

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