“For the Emperor and the Imperium!”

“We stand and die together!”

“Through the fires of battle, we prevail!”

“Our faith is our armor!”

“Victory is earned, not given!”

“Imperial Guard, advance!”

“We hold the line!”

“Bullets for the enemies of mankind!”

“We are the hammer of the Emperor!” “Stand tall, soldiers of the Imperium!”

“None shall escape our wrath!”

“Fear us, traitors and heretics!”

“Death comes to those who oppose us!” BEHIND HER SMILE QUOTES

“A true soldier never retreats!”

“Our duty is to defend the Imperium!”

“We are the shield that guards humanity!”

“Fight for every inch of ground!”

“We march to war, unyielding!”

“In the Emperor’s name, we purge!”

“Our sacrifice will be remembered!”

“With discipline and determination, we triumph!”

“No challenge is too great for the Imperial Guard!”

“We are the backbone of the Imperium!”

“Our loyalty is unwavering, our resolve unbreakable!”

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