“Being a person is about learning from mistakes and figuring out how to be better next time.”

“Sometimes it’s better to make people happy than to get what you want.”

“No one ever really steps out, because they’re afraid of what people will think or say or do.”

“Just because someone likes you doesn’t mean they see you – the real you – and that’s the most important kind of love there is.”

“Even in the darkest moments, it’s okay to hold on to a sliver of hope.”

“You have to be hurt to be brave.”

“Love without truth is just an illusion.”

“Sometimes we lash out because we’re scared of what might happen if we really let people see us.”

“It’s okay to be a masterpiece in progress.”

(pg. 108) “The truth doesn’t always make things easier, but it builds trust.”

“People will remember you for the things you’ve done, not just the things you’ve said.”

“It’s not the color of your skin that matters; it’s the person you are inside.”

“You can’t let other people define who you are.” POWERFUL GRAND RISING QUOTES

“Sometimes the world is a painful place, but it doesn’t mean you can’t find the beauty in it.”

“The only way to live is to feel everything – the good and the bad.”

“The world can be a hard place, but there’s more love in it than you might think.”

“We need people who will be on our side even when it’s hard.”

“Hate doesn’t fix anything; love does.”

“Falling in love isn’t something you can control; it just happens.”

“It’s not always easy to be honest with yourself, but sometimes it’s necessary.”

“You have to be willing to let people in if you want to truly connect with them.”

“Sometimes the hardest thing to say is the one thing that needs to be said the most.”

“Don’t ever let anyone make you feel like you’re not worthy of love.”

“The most important thing is to be true to yourself, no matter what anyone else thinks or says.”

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