Sure! Here are 24 quotes from the TV show “The Inbetweeners”:

“She’s fit, but she’s, like, properly mental as well.” – Jay Cartwright

“Friendship lasts longer than romance.” – Will McKenzie

“Bus wankers!” – Jay Cartwright

“I look like a disabled lesbian.” – Simon Cooper

“I am the king of games and the king of my life!” – Neil Sutherland

“Why does everything I touch turn to fail?!” – Jay Cartwright

“The only bush you’ll get near is your own downstairs department.” – Simon Cooper

“Friendship is all about trust.” – Will McKenzie

“I can’t help being attractive, it’s just the way I am.” – Jay Cartwright “Look, they’re all laughing at you, mate. You’re a freak.” – Simon Cooper

“Everyone’s having a bang and I’m sat here like a spare prick at a wedding.” – Jay Cartwright

“Pussay patrol!” – Neil Sutherland

“This is like the best school day ever!” – Will McKenzie RAILWAY STATION QUOTES

“I can’t do this anymore. My stick’s gone limp!” – Simon Cooper

“I need to mate. I’m sexually frustrated.” – Neil Sutherland

“I don’t want to be a child. I want to be a young adult.” – Will McKenzie

“I’m telling you, she’ll be frothing for my gooch.” – Jay Cartwright

“Feisty one, you are. What do you want, a bouncy castle?” – Simon Cooper

“You’re a fucking liar, Neil. It’s like being mates with Pinocchio.” – Jay Cartwright

“You’ve got zero swag, mate.” – Simon Cooper

“I’ve got, like, nothing else to say now because I’ve basically won the argument.” – Will McKenzie

“Well, I don’t need a lecture from you, your teeth are ten years older than the rest of you.” – Jay Cartwright

“I’m not a stalker. You’re my Facebook friend.” – Neil Sutherland

“She’s like Marmite, you either love her or hate her. And personally, I hate her.” – Simon Cooper

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