“Diabetes may have my body, but it doesn’t have my spirit.” – Unknown

“Take pride in how far you have come and have faith in how far you can go.” – Unknown

“Having diabetes means constantly proving that you are stronger than the circumstances.” – Unknown

“Diabetes is not a death sentence, but a life assignment to inspire others.” – Unknown

“Diabetes is not a disability, it’s an opportunity to show the world your strength.” – Unknown

“Diabetes does not define me, it empowers me to live a healthier and stronger life.” – Unknown

“Every day is a new chance to make healthy choices and conquer diabetes.” – Unknown

“Don’t let diabetes control your life, control your diabetes and live your life to the fullest.” – Unknown

“Diabetes taught me how strong I am and how capable I am of overcoming challenges.” – Unknown “Diabetes is not a limitation; it’s an invitation to live a more balanced and conscious life.” – Unknown

“Diabetes may be a burden, but it also gives me the strength to face any challenge that comes my way.” – Unknown

“When life gives you diabetes, make it a reason to inspire others and make a positive difference.” – Unknown

“Diabetes is just a word, not a sentence. You have the power to write your own story.” – Unknown QUOTES ABOUT MONEY AND GREED

“Diabetes is tough, no doubt, but so are you. Never give up, keep fighting.” – Unknown

“The measure of a person’s strength is not determined by the presence of diabetes, but by how they handle it.” – Unknown

“Diabetes is a reminder that taking care of our health should always be a priority.” – Unknown

“Diabetes is a journey, not a destination. Embrace it, learn from it, and keep moving forward.” – Unknown

“Diabetes is not a curse, it’s a chance to show the world how strong and capable you really are.” – Unknown

“Don’t let diabetes define you. Let your courage and determination define your journey.” – Unknown

“Living with diabetes may be challenging, but it also makes you appreciate the little joys in life even more.” – Unknown

“Diabetes may slow you down, but it will not stop you from reaching your goals.” – Unknown

“Diabetes is not a setback, it’s a wake-up call to take charge of your health and well-being.” – Unknown

“With every blood sugar check, I remind myself of how strong and resilient I am.” – Unknown

“Diabetes may knock me down sometimes, but I will always get up stronger and more determined than ever.” – Unknown

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