“لا يحزنك إنك فشلت مادمت تحاول الوقوف على قدميك من جديد” “Do not be sad that you failed as long as you are trying to stand on your feet again.”

“الراحة في الدنيا تحقق بالتفكير الرشيد والعمل المتواصل” “Comfort in this world is achieved through wise thinking and continuous work.”

“كن صادقًا بنفسك لتكن سعيدًا” “Be honest with yourself to be happy.”

“التواضع هو السمة الرائعة في شخصية المسلم” “Humility is the wonderful trait in a Muslim’s character.”

“لا تغضب فالغضب يفسد الدين والعقل والصحة والمال” “Do not get angry, for anger corrupts religion, mind, health, and wealth.”

“ليس الجبان من يخاف العدو ولكن الجبان من يخاف الله” “The coward is not the one who is afraid of the enemy, but the coward is the one who is afraid of Allah.”

“العلم نور والجهل ظلام” “Knowledge is light, and ignorance is darkness.”

“أنا نصفك وأنت نصفي” “I am half of you, and you are half of me.”

“لا يصلح المؤمن دينه حتى يصلح قلبه” “The believer’s religion is not improved until his heart is improved.”

“الأمل أغلى من المال” “Hope is more valuable than money.”

“الواجب بينك وبين الله فاعلم أن الله يراك ولا تراه” “The duty between you and Allah, know that Allah sees you, but you cannot see him.”

“من حسن إسلام المرء تركه ما لا يعنيه” “From the beauty of a person’s Islam is leaving what does not concern him.”

“الحب في الله يضعف العداوة” “Love for the sake of Allah weakens enmity.” LIEFDES QUOTES LIEVE ZINNETJES VOOR HEM

“لا يكمل النور إلا بالهداية” “Light is only completed with guidance.”

“عندما يحل الصبر في القلب يزول الحزن” “When patience settles in the heart, sadness disappears.”

“لا تعرف قدر نعمة الصحة إلا حين تفقدوها” “You don’t realize the value of the blessing of health until you lose it.”

“الدعاوى الحق فيها أن تجعل لأخيك الحق في أن ينصر حقك” “In rightful disputes, make sure to grant your brother the right to defend his own right.”

“السعادة تبدأ بقلب راضٍ” “Happiness starts with a satisfied heart.”

“الاستغفار منبع الثقة بالنفس والثبات على الطريق المستقيم” “Seeking forgiveness is the source of self-confidence and steadfastness on the straight path.”

“الكلمة الطيبة صدقة” “Kind words are charity.”

“احرص على العلم ولا تأسف على فراقه” “Be eager for knowledge and don’t regret losing it.”

“ابحث عما يسعدك ولا تحزن على ما قد فات” “Seek what makes you happy and do not worry about what has passed.”

“الله يحب الصابرين” “Allah loves those who are patient.”

“حافظ على الوقت فإنه رأس المال الذي لا يعوّض” “Keep your time, for it is the capital that cannot be compensated.”

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