“Heaven lies under the feet of mothers.” – Prophet Muhammad

“Paradise lies at the feet of mothers.” – Imam Sadiq

“The most important person in a Muslim’s life is their mother.” – Imam Ali

“The status of a mother in Islam is so high that paradise lies under her feet.” – Ibn Abi Hatim

“A mother’s love is a reflection of Allah’s love for His creation.” – Islamic scholar

“To serve one’s parents is a form of worship.” – Prophet Muhammad

“Respect your mother, for she carried you in her womb, fed you, and suffered for you.” – Islamic scholar

“A pious mother raises righteous children.” – Imam Al-Ghazali

“A mother’s prayers for her children are never wasted.” – Islamic scholar “A mother’s love is unconditional and everlasting.” – Prophet Muhammad

“Kindness to your mother is an act of worship.” – Islamic scholar

“Never disrespect or raise your voice towards your mother.” – Prophet Muhammad

“There is no blessing greater than a righteous mother.” – Islamic scholar LOVE OF COUNTRY QUOTES

“Hold on to your mother, for she will always be there for you.” – Imam Ash-Shafi’i

“A good Muslim is the one who respects and serves his mother.” – Islamic scholar

“The first door to enter Paradise is the womb of a mother.” – Islamic scholar

“A mother’s tears and prayers hold immense blessings.” – Islamic scholar

“A mother’s guidance and teachings are invaluable.” – Prophet Muhammad

“A mother’s love is a glimpse of Allah’s mercy.” – Islamic scholar

“A mother’s sacrifice is immeasurable.” – Imam Ghazali

“When you speak, speak kindly to your mother, for she deserves nothing but respect.” – Prophet Muhammad

“A true believer is the one who takes care of his aged parents.” – Islamic scholar

“Your mother’s smile is a reflection of your character.” – Islamic scholar

“A mother’s prayers can move mountains.” – Islamic scholar

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