“Love’s grace exceeds all other gifts.”

“Fortune cannot take away what she did not give.”

“The less we love a woman, the easier it seems to love her.”

“The first thing that makes any nation great is her heroes.”

“Love is a strange thing: if we give it away, we have more and if we keep it to ourselves, we have less.”

“Affliction is a treasure, and scarce any man hath enough of it.”

“Our passions are the true miracles in our lives.”

“The first step towards greatness is to be honest.”

“It is only by love that we reach the divine.”

“Desire is the torch that lights up the world.”

“Women are the architects of society.”

“Love desires to be desired.”

“You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you mad.” BRUILOFT QUOTE

“There is no stronger bond than the love between a mother and her child.”

“Happiness is rarely gained, but often lost.”

“The power of love can overcome all obstacles.”

“A lover’s heart knows no boundaries.”

“Hope is the anchor that keeps the soul steady.”

“The greatest triumph is to conquer oneself.”

“The greatest test of character is how one treats the weak.”

“War is the madness of kings.”

“To be a great poet, one must first be a great observer.”

“A true hero knows when to fight and when to forgive.”

“Love is the music of the soul.”

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